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Our Trainers

"SHABAZZ" - Lorenzo Sidberry

Certified by the New York State Athletic Boxing Commission

Over 11 years of training experience

Ex-Professional Boxer

Trains Professional Boxers, Amateur Boxers (Male and Female) and Children.

Also works with people wanting to lose weight and develop fitness.

Stance: Orthodox

Training Accomplishments:

Golden Glove Winners
IBF World Champion: Joshua "Hitter" Clottey
IBF World Champion: Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko

Training Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-4pm

Cell: 917 504 4390
Email: [email protected]

"Q-DOG" - Quentin Fortune

Ex-Professional Boxer

Amateur Boxer

Trains Professional and Amateur Boxers (Male and Female).

Stance: Southpaw

"Coach Pete" - Da'Sheym Auset
Certified Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist, Boxing Trainer

Trains Amateur Boxers (Male and Female) and Children.

Stance: Southpaw & Orthodox
Training Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 11am-4pm

Cell: 347 551 3521
Email: [email protected]
Wendell Williams

For the last 16 years I've been a licensed amateur and professional boxing trainer.

Training Accomplishments:
Donald (DJ) Dgwang (2011) NY Metro Novice Champion
Golden Glove Competitors
Amateur Fight Competitors
Otilio Villarreal
Trains Amateur Boxers

Currently training his son Ismael Villarreal for the Golden Gloves

Training Accomplishments:

Golden Glove Competitor

"Mr T" - Tony Bruce

Currently helping train up-and-coming fighters.

A coach, trainer and physical fitness instructor. Born in 1954 in Alabama, Tony became one of the more prolific amateur fighters of his era. 

Currently he's training a group of fighters including “Jessie” James Atkinson, Gator, Lionell, Thomas and George.

Carlos Salgado (aka "Red" or "Cano"

Boxing Coach & Trainer

Has more than 35 years of experience in the sport of Boxing.

In addition to Boxing Cano is an expert on weight loss and self defense.

Training Accomplishments:
  1. Golden Glove Champion 1974, 118lb novice division
  2. Golden Glove Champion 1979,1981(118lb open class)
  3. Golden Glove Champion, 1980,1982 (feather weight open class 125lb)
  4. Outstanding in Golden Gloves, Milwaukee (open class 125lb)
  5. Champion of AAU Tournament of Champions in Shreveport, Louisiana
  6. Amateur career record of 64-11 with 40 knockouts
  7. Professional record of 15-25


Tony previously had numerous fighters under his tutelage. Those fighters included Iran Barkely, Alex Ramos, Gerald McCullough, Tyrone Trice and Bruce Finch. All these fighters went on to eventually be come world champions in their respective division.