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News About John's Boxing Gym

2016 New York Golden Gloves - Johns Boxing Gym Boxers are Representing

152lb Novice - 28th January 2016
@ B.B. King Blues Club & Grill

Devaugn Stevens def Kealim O'Hare (3-0)
*Both Fighters are from Johns Boxing Gym

Devaughn Stevens was named the P.C. Richard & Son boxer of the night and was awarded the Empire City Casino punch of the night.

132lb Open & 178lb Novice - 5th February 2016
@ St Johns Uni - Staten Island Campus

Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops N Kids) def. Christian Otero (John’s Gym), 3-0 (132lb Open)

Francisco Berardi (DeMarco’s BC) def. Emmanuel Andrieux (John’s Gym), 3-0 (178lb Novice)

*Photo of Christian Otero*

165lb Novice - 6th February 2016
@ St. Lawrence Community Health & Sports Center.

Peter Goodman (John’s Gym) def. Angel Guzman (Worldwide BC)

Michael Passade (Astral Fitness BC) def. Cristobal Garcia (John’s Gym)

The Colony Pest Management, Inc. Bout of the Night went to the matchup between Peter Goodman and Angel Guzman.

201+lb Novice & 141lb Novice - 11th February 2016 @ Yonkers PAL

Eduardo Baez (Mendez BC) def. King Oquendo (John’s Gym), TKO 1 (201+lb Novice)

Daniel Mercado (John’s Gym) def. Dominic Orlando (UFC’s Staten Island), 3-0 (201+lb Novice)

*Photo of Cameron Benison*

Cameron Benison (John’s Gym) def. Kenneth Noel (PacPlex BC), TKO 3 (201+lb Novice)

Randy Mercedes (Worldwide BC) def. Abe Lascina (John’s Gym), TKO 3 (141lb Novice)

Cameron Benison took home the P.C. Richard & Son Boxer of the Night honor. Then Colony Pest Management, Inc. Bout of the Night was the matchup between Randy Mercedes and Abe Lascina.

"The 2016 Daily News Golden Gloves resumed on Thursday night at the Yonkers PAL, with the 201-plus novice division kicking into action.

The first bout of the night started with a bang, as Eduardo Baez of Mendez BC made it a short night for King Oquendo of John’s Gym. The hard-hitting Baez got his man on the ropes and landed a few hellacious shots early in the first round, which resulted in a TKO.

The Colony Pest Bout of the night was between Randy Mercedes of Worldwide BC and Abe Lascina.

“I wanted to provide a lot of action, hopefully win the bout of the night and put on a good boxing performance,” Mercedes said. “That’s what the people want to see, a lot of action. It may not be the best style, but I did what I had to do to get the win.”

It was Lascina who dictated the tempo early as he landed several vicious uppercuts. The power punches didn’t faze Mercedes as he was able to bounce back and put the fight away in the later rounds.

“I noticed in the third round he was more tired than I was, so that’s when I took advantage and put more punches together, which eventually led to the stoppage...

PC Richard Fighter of the Night went to Cameron Benison of John’s Gym, who put on a tremendous performance against Kenneth Noel of PacPlex BC that resulted in a third-round TKO.

The lanky Benison used his size advantage to frustrate his opponent.

“The jab sets up everything, the jab and the feet,” said Benison, who says he admires defensive fighter James Toney. “A good defensive fighter beats a good offensive fighter any day.”

141lb Open - 25th February 2016 @ Gleasons Gym

Dashaun Johns (John’s Gym) def. Derrell Williams (Atlas Cops N Kids), TKO3

Dashawn Johns was awarded the P.C. Richard & Son Boxer of the Night and Empire City Casino Punch of the Night awards.
*Photo Credit: Robyn Crawford-Smith*

"The P.C. Richards Boxer of the Night went to 141-pounder Dashawn Johns of John's Gym, who beat Derrell Williams of Atlas Cops N Kids in a third-round TKO.

“I put in all the work I had to do,” said the 25-year old Johns, who showed his finesse and power against Williams and closed the show with The Empire Casino Punch of the Night, a sweet uppercut, followed by a couple of hooks William had no answer for.

“My very first TKO — that feels amazing,” Johns said."

178lb Novice - 3rd February 2016
St Andrew Avellino School
Andrew Henriquez (John’s Gym) def. Kareem Tunstall (Atlas Cops N Kids), 3-0

*Photo Credit: Ken Goldfield*

The Colony Pest Management, Inc. Bout of the Night went to Andrew Henriquez vs. Kareem Tunstall.

Determination seemed to be the theme of the night as the audience was treated to a show of unflinching resolve. The Colony Pest Fight of the Night came from the 178-pounder novice division between Andrew Henriquez of John’s Gym and Kareem Tunstall of Atlas Cops N Kids.

“My coach told me, since I was taller than him,” said Henriquez, “to use my jab a lot, and to use my right hand to time him when he comes inside. Keep my jab popping.” That’s just what Henriquez did en route to a 3-0 victory over a Tunstall.

From the opening bell Tunstall brought the fight to the 19-year-old Henriquez, a college freshman from Brooklyn, but good counter punching and steady pressure was too much for Tunstall.

In the second round, Henriquez stayed patient with his jab, which caused a stream of blood from Tunstall’s nose. Henriquez came out even more focused after the ringside doctor checked Tunstall’s condition at the start of the third, opening up with a flurry of bodyshots, forcing Tunstall to the ropes and into survival mode for the remaining seconds of the fight."

132lb Novice - 10th February 2016 @ Sonia Sotomayor Community Center

John Gjini (John’s Gym) def. Willie Parker (New Breed BC), 3-0

*Photo Credit: Ken Goldfield*

The Colony Pest Management, Inc. Bout of the Night was between John Gjini and Willie Parker.

"The 132-pound novice division was back at it as the second leg of the 2016 Daily News Golden Gloves tournament continued Wednesday night at the Sotomayor Houses Center in the Bronx.

The Colony Pest Bout of the Night was between John Gjini of John’s Gym and Willie Parker of New Breed BC.

Gjini, the 17-year-old Bronx product, displayed some pop as well as fast hands and good footwork on his way to a 3-0 win.

“I felt great. I put in the work, some hard pressure, more than he could handle,” he said.

In the first round, Gjini backed Parker up against the ropes with a series of gut shots followed by a right hook to the head that caused the referee to give a standing 8 count.

Parker fought hard in the second, delivering a few heavy shots to make the crowd cheer, but not enough to turn the table. In the third round, Gjini closed it out with a flurry of head shots."

141lb Novice - 12th February 2016 @ St Patricks Catholic Academy

Henry DeLeon (Mendez BC) def. Edward Clark (John’s Gym), 3-0

123lb Novice & 152lb Novice - 15th February 2016 @ St Finbar

Jaison Thompson (John’s Gym) def. Lawrence Bautista (Yonkers PAL); 3-0 (123lb Novice)

Malique Allen (John’s Gym) def. Bheshan Deonaire (Gleason’s Gym); 3-0 (123lb Novice)

Devaughn Stevens (John’s Gym) def. Kevin Estada (Woodside BC); 2-1 (152lb Novice)

The P.C. Richard & Son Boxer of the Night was Jaison Thompson.

"The P.C. Richards Boxer of the Night went to 132 pounder Jaison Thompson of John’s Gym, who beat Lawrence Bautista of Yonkers PAL, 3-0. Thompson showed sharp skills, landing his uppercuts at will."

165lb Open & 178lb Novice - 15th February 2016 @ Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Ismael Villarreal (John’s Gym) def. Isaah Flaherty (Westbury BC), 3-0

*Photo Credit: Ken Goldfield - 2015*

Andrew Henriquez (John’s Gym) def. Tashon Hopkins (Aerospace BC), 2-1

John's Boxing Gym Produces Winners and Finalists from the 2015 NY Golden Gloves!

See Media, Video and Photo Gallery for more information!

Ishmael Villarrel WON his 165 Pound Novice Bout against Joel Padilla

Michael Hughes lost against Richardson Hitchins in his 141 Pound Open fight
Christian Johnson WON his 201 Pound Open Bout against Nikolas Petrosyan
Nisa Rodriguez, although representing NYAC is a regular boxer at, and trains out of Johns Gym. She WON her 141 Pound Women's Fight against Stacia Suttles